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Le Bracelet Lien, Parisien

A story of laces that become bracelets, in leather or fabric, to be customized. For her, for him, for me… Of all colours, these coils are aligned and stored in their sachets. To offer or afford.

The Lacet Parisien by Ursul workshop

Ursul workshop has been specialized in leather and metal works since 2006. A first sewing line spreads internationally under Ursul Paris trademark. The Lacet Parisien, new Ursul workshop label, offers colored, playful and fine lace bracelets.

Paris, source of inspiration

Paris and its emblem the Eiffel Tower inspired us. Paris and its story too. The Belle Époque and its department stores, Saint-Pierre market with its haberdasheries and cloth stalls… And the little hands of Parisian fashion houses dressmakers. The length of the laces, 89 cm, is a wink to the year the famous monument was inaugurated. This length enables the owner of the bracelet to wind it several times around the wrist. The Eiffel Tower can become either stamp or jewel, its basement being a clever silver clasp. The Lacet Parisien, made out of leather or fabric, is offered around coils to pay tribute to the meticulous work of the dressmakers’ little hands in the fashion houses.